Back Up your Projects

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Projects created with Contour Reporter can be backed up automatically. Automatic backup is useful for data recovery since it is possible to roll back saved changes to a specific project version organized by date and time; it can also be helpful for keeping different project versions and allowing authors to switch between them within the same working environment.

In this article we describe how to manage backups in Contour Reporter.

Backup Manager

The Backup Manager allows one to manage the backup files in a BI Project. A .bak file for a project is created in the Backup catalog every time the project is saved. The backup manager displays the list of log records created every time the project was saved, as date in days, week and Month.


To manage project backups, first open the project with Contour Reporter.

From the main file, click on File – Backup manager and the dialog is displayed:

At the top of the dialog there is a bar of image icons. They are used to indicate the selected option in the columns. To select/deselect an item, check/uncheck the box. A check box value means that not all children of this node are selected.

This is the description of each of the icons in the top of the dialog:





Under this column, check the box to delete it from the history. The Delete button will be enabled.


Check the box for the respective log record and it will display the objects which have been modified - it is displayed in the bottom panel

Last modified

Displays the tree - time - for the logs

The bottom part displays the objects which have been modified in the project in a given date time. Click on one item in the top panel, and then check the box under  View; you will see a row with 0 = Not modified and 1 = Modified. For example:

In the current project there were changes made to Databases, to the Query, and the Report.

Change in the following objects is recorded:

Object Name
Current is the actual state of the project
Distribution lists


The Revert button reverts the project to the state of the selected log record - in the Backup manager window.

If you want to revert to a specific state:

  1. Click over a log date under the  View column
  2. Click the Revert button
  3. The project will be reverted to the specified log version.