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Business Intelligence projects can be created and visualized locally or stored in servers.

To establish connectivity between the design environment (Contour Reporter) and the server (BI Portal), the project needs to be deployed.

For this, a connection is necessary, and in this way the users are able to see and use the projects on their device of choice and from wherever they happen to connect. Moreover, published reports are not only viewed but are also available for teamwork when a set of authors connect from their local machines to the same project in the server.

To create a connection follow these steps:

  1. Run Contour Reporter
  2. From the main menu select the option BI Portal – Connection Manager
  3. Click on the button  Add connection
  4. In the displayed dialog set values to the required properties:

    Click on Test connection and when successful the connection is created and appears in the connections window
  5. The Connections manager dialog displays all the existing connections:
  6. The operations that can be performed over Connections are:
    • Connect – To connect to a defined server
    • Add connection – Allows one to create a new connection
    • Properties – Edit an existing connection. First, select it from the list
    • Remove – Delete an existing connection
    • Login as Administrator – Type your administrator user and password to connect to server
    • Login as Guest – Connect to server as guest. No password is required. If project allows Guest, the user can perform the allowed operations
    • Login as – Specify user and password for your account
  7. With options from the main menu it is also possible to connect to a server. The following operations are also possible:
    • Disconnect – Close connection
    • Change password – Allows one to change a password for a currently authenticated user
    • Accounts – Create new accounts
    • Permissions – Displays the editor to assign permissions to objects