Create Presentation reports

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Use presentation reports to slide show your project reports. You set the number of reports in the required order, run the presentation, and reports are displayed in the correct order, switching from one to another by mouse click. The presentation can be exported in MS PowerPoint format.

In this article we describe the steps to create Presentation reports with Contour Reporter.

Create report

To create a presentation report:

  1. Click over Reports object in project tree panel
  2. Press on button Add Report from toolbar and select Presentation report from the drop down list
  3. In the displayed window Create presentation report set the following values:
    • Caption - Title of report to display
    • Author - The name of the author of report - user, division, company (optional)
    • Description - A description of the report
  4. The bottom part of the editor contains three parts:
    1. Reports:
      • Select the reports that will be part of the presentation report
      • Set the order of reports within the presentation. To do this, you can drag the report with the mouse or you can use the arrow keys

    2. Parameters:
      • Define parameters for the report. Click on button Add parameter and the Create parameter dialog is displayed.
        To edit a parameter, press button Edit parameter and to delete one press button Delete parameter

    3. Connect to parameters:
      • In this area connect the defined parameter with a field of the Report. To do this, click on tab Connect to parameters.
      • In the displayed dialog, for each parameter under the column Parent report fields and parameters specify the related field by clicking under the column Child report fields or parameters and selecting the field from the dropdown list.

    Display the report

    Run the report to display it and see the results.

    Click on the Presentation report object and from the main toolbar press button Run report.

    For example, the following is a Presentation report - note the top most headers of the different reports that are included in the presentation: