How to Create Solutions

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A Solution is a set of projects to be published on a website.

A Solution contains the description of an analytical or statistical portal or a part of a corporate website. It is a way to create a site of this kind without any special programming.

A Solution has a title, header, footer, and a list of BI-projects in a given sequence. Solutions are created with Contour Reporter and are stored and displayed in the Contour BI Portal.

In this article we learn how to create new solutions and to display them as well as how to open projects from existing solutions.

Create New Solutions

Solutions can be created with Contour Reporter while uploading projects into the BI Portal:

  1. Run Contour Reporter
  2. Connect to BI Portal
  3. In the Solution manager dialog click on Add solution:
    • Properties – allows you to modify current solution properties. To do so, select (click over) the solution name
    • Remove – deletes the solution
  4. In the Create a solution dialog set the corresponding values:

    • Name – the Solution’s name
    • Code - Unique solution identifier (created automatically, though it can also specified manually)
    • Icon – The icon appears in the BI Portal
    • Delete – Removes the icon value
    • Description (optional) – Text to describe the solution

Displaying Solutions

To display Solutions, the user enters in the browser the Contour BI Portal address and its parameters, including the Solution code.

<host>:<port>/biportal/contourbi.jsp?solution = <solution code>


Each BI-project has a name, description, and icon displayed in Solutions published in the Contour BI Portal as a folder or a button that the user can click on to see the report catalogs available in the project as well as the reports within them.

BI-projects can be created by different teams or individual authors and edited or updated by different regulations. And they can all be published on a corporate site as Solutions.

Open Projects from Solutions

When BI-projects are uploaded to the Contour BI Portal they are included in Solutions. To open a BI-project stored in the Contour BI Portal it is necessary to:

  1. Connect to the Contour BI Portal
  2. Select the Solution and right click over the object – click menu option Open project:

  3. The BI-project is opened in the current environment. In the projects panel only the project’s objects are visible.
    To return to the Connections – and solutions –  panel click on the   Close button located in the main toolbar.