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In the Contour BI Portal users can subscribe individually to receive reports, the frequency and format of which (PDF, Excel, presentation, interactive report link) they are also able to choose. Contour BI sends the user updated reports in the format of choice for viewing on a personal computer, laptop or mobile device. This article is about how to subscribe to a report.


Please consider the following aspects when implementing Subscriptions:

  • Only authenticated users can subscribe themselves or other users
  • Mail settings must be configured on the Contour BI Portal configuration page
  • Contour Publisher must be installed – this application is responsible for executing the delivery process


Besides regular text, Macros can also be included in the text of the subscription email. This is defined on the configuration page.
By default, an email template is provided with example Macros, though the list included there is not exhaustive. The complete list is included here:


Contour BI lets authorized users deliver reports to non-registered users of the BI Portal by email; subscriptions can be created only by trusted users.

In the following example we show how to create Subscriptions in the BI Portal and the mail configuration steps necessary to deliver reports in specified formats.


We create subscriptions for reports.

  1. The first step is to configure the mail settings.
    Set the configuration parameters in the Contour BI Portal, loading the page config.jsp in the browser:

    Check the Subscriptions option to allow the user to create subscriptions – the Subscription button is visible in the toolbar.
    Set the remaining parameters in accordance with the mail server to be used
    The URL Pattern field contains the URL available for all users from every computer in the network

    As mentioned before, Contour Publisher must be installed and the full path to the executable file is specified in the Path to Publisher field. When the user subscribes to reports, the period of delivery (every hour, every day, every week and so on) is defined. The Contour BI Portal uses this period to contact Contour Publisher, which then delivers the reports to the recipients

  2. Type the URL for a project or report in the browser
  3. The user authenticates with user name and password and then presses the Login button:
  4. The report is then displayed on the main page or can be selected first from the reports panel. We create a subscription list - the current user creates subscriptions for the current report.
    To do this, click on the Subscription button in the report toolbar:
  5. The subscription dialog is displayed:

    This dialog contains the following options:

    • Add – Allows new private subscriptions, available only for the current user, to be created
    • Edit – To modify an item from the list
    • Unsubscribe – To delete a subscription from the list
  6. A new subscription allows reports to be sent in XLS, PDF and PPT formats. Also, a link can be sent so that the recipient sees the report in his browser with the ability to use the multidimensional navigation of online reports, when the option url is selected:

    The operations in this dialog are:
    • Public – Check this option to create new public subscriptions that will be accessible to several users. Uncheck otherwise
    • Users – Use this button to add users to the list of those who can receive this subscription
    • In both cases the user can add a simple e-mail list ("Add e-mail" field) to make this subscription accessible to non-users of the Contour BI Portal.
    • Send now – With this option an email is delivered immediately with the specified values. This option does not add this subscription to the list
    • Subscribe – Adds this subscription to the list
  7. Once a subscription is created, it is added to the list:

    To Edit, or Unsubscribe, simply click over an item from the list
  8. The recipients receives an email: