User Attributes

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User attributes allow to define additional features for BI projects objects that are not available as object properties. Attributes defined for Reports and Folders are visible in Contour BI Portal.

In this article we show the steps to create attributes of determined types and also how to use built-in attributes.

How to create attributes?

To set attributes for Reports and Folders, follow these steps:

  1. Select the project object (click over the object)
  2. From main application menu select option View - User attributes
  3. The User attributes window is displayed usually below the project tree panel - at the left of the main application window:
  4. From the user user attributes toolbar press button Add user attribute. In the displayed dialog:
    • Type the attribute name
    • Select its type
    • Press button Ok

    There are different types of Attributes that can be created:

    An example

    Following the steps above, we have defined some attributes for an OLAP report. For Logo we used type Picture, Email type Email, and the rest as String:

    When we display the report in Contour BI Portal, a tab Metada appears at the bottom of the report window. We click over it and we see this result for our example:

    It is possible to set that the Metadata tab appears first when the report is displayed. For that, set property Show Metadata First in True (checked) in the WebOptions’ stylesheet style.

    Built-in attributes

    There are also a set of additional built-in attributes that can be used for specific project objects. Next you see a description and example of them.






    Yes / No

    It is possible not to display all Grid dimensions in the Pivot panel. To hide/show the dimensions in this panel configure this attribute for a Grid dimension

    1. To use this built-in attribute, select a Grid dimension in the project tree panel and create a new attribute for it. In this example, we define it for Grid dimension Genre Name:
    2. With the default settings, the Cube pivot panel initially looks like this:
    3. When the report is displayed in Contour BI Portal with the created Attribute, see that in the Rows list, the dimension with the attribute, is hidden (Genre Name):

The project used to describe the example section can be found here.