Contour BI 6 New Release, New Languages and Articles

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Contour BI New Release Available

What's new:

  • Chart Target Lines: draw target lines to compare with actual lines or bars
  • New Collaboration Features: an all new share function for sending interesting report or visual component links to friends and colleagues by email or publishing in Facebook and Twitter
  • Self Registration: users can register themselves in the BI Portal by creating a Contour BI account or using their Facebook account
  • Self Registration Limited by IP address: allows an organization to grant their members self registration. For example, an unlimited number of students in a given university can register themselves through the university network and then access the BI Portal from anywhere

New Languages

Contour BI Portal has been translated into some new languages:

  • Swedish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese
  • European Portuguese
  • Latvian

We're now working on the next group of languages. Drop us a line if you would like yours to be one of them...


With Contour BI Portal, users self-serve reports by means of Subscriptions.

By subscribing to reports, users receive reports or links to reports in the specified formats and for the specified periods.

In this article we learn how to create Subscriptions following a step by step example.

Report Parameters

Reports are fed with input data that can be displayed and then further filtered in the Views. With parameters the data is filtered before the report is created.


Business Intelligence projects can be created and visualized locally or stored in servers. The design tool Contour Reporter can be connected to one or any number of BI Portal servers to create, edit, and view BI Projects.