Back Up your Projects

                Back Up your Projects

Projects created with Contour Reporter can be backed up automatically. Automatic backup is useful for data recovery since it is possible to roll back saved changes to a specific project version organized by date and time; it can also be helpful for keeping different project versions and allowing authors to switch between them within the same working environment.

In this article we describe how to manage backup environments in Contour Reporter.

How to Create Solutions


A Solution contains the description of an analytical or statistical portal or a part of a corporate website. It is a way to create a site of this kind without any special programming.

A Solution has a title, header, footer, and a list of BI-projects in a given sequence. Solutions are created with Contour Reporter and are stored and displayed in the Contour BI Portal.

In this article we learn how to create new solutions and to display them as well as how to open projects from existing solutions.

My First BI Project


If you are new to Contour Business Intelligence, you might be thinking to yourself: “Where do I start”?

The answer is: you should start by creating a BI project. A BI project is created with Contour Reporter and then used by different Contour BI platform products.

In this article we describe the necessary steps to create your first local Contour BI project. We also display this project in BI Portal.

Card Charts

                Card Charts

A Card Chart is a visualization tool for KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and similar indicators.

It can be used to create visualizations for several indicators of one object, such as a person, a product, a department, a project, a company or a set of indicators of many objects.

In this article we show how to create Card Charts in Contour BI projects.

User Attributes

                User Attributes

User attributes allow to define additional features for BI projects objects that are not available as object properties. Attributes defined for Reports and Folders are visible in Contour BI Portal.

In this article we show the steps to create attributes of determined types and also how to use built-in attributes.