How Can I Make a Dual Axis Chart?

                Dual Axis Chart

When there are two sets of data, each follows a different scale, and they are related – we create a chart with a Dual Axis. These charts are useful for comparing one series with another, for example, to compare income and tax.

In this article we show an example on how to create a dual axis chart with Contour Reporter.

How to Comment in Reports


Why use comments? Comments in Contour BI make it possible for users to add notes to clarify data or share information and ideas on a given subject. Other users can then respond and be seen by authorized users. 

Comments can be added by analysts to explain underlying causes and reasons for changes, trends, and so forth in the charts.Comments can also be used as reminders or simply to share impressions.

Collaboration is important in any business, and the online discussion of information published in a corporate dashboard can facilitate a company's team building and knowledge sharing.



With Contour BI Portal, users self-serve reports by means of Subscriptions.

By subscribing to reports, users receive reports or links to reports in the specified formats and for the specified periods.

In this article we learn how to create Subscriptions following a step by step example.

Report Parameters

                Report Parameters

Reports are fed with input data that can be displayed and then further filtered in the Views. With parameters the data is filtered before the report is created.



Business Intelligence projects can be created and visualized locally or stored in servers. The design tool Contour Reporter can be connected to one or any BI Portal servers to create, edit, and view BI Projects.