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Happy New Year!

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients and partners a very happy and healthy upcoming 2018!

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Situation Room Begins Work with Contour BI

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics has recently acquired a license for the Contour BI 6.0 Business Intelligence platform and the Contour DW 6.0 Declarative Data Warehouse. The Contour BI platform has become the information analysis system of choice for the Russian Federation's Regional Social and Economic Development Situation Room.

Furthermore, Plekhanov University has acquired a special academic license for Contour's Business Intelligence Reporter for 60,000 users.


Contour BI Portal Now Available in Japanese

Contour Components is pleased to announce that Contour BI Portal is now available in Japanese.

Contour BI makes it possible to add powerful analytical pages directly to corporate and governmental websites quickly and without prior programming experience as well as adding Business Intelligence features to accounting, ERP and CRM systems.

It is an interesting peculiarity of the powerful Japanese IT market, that Japanese developers tend to create software for machines and robots, while importing software for offices and analytics from overseas.

Business Intelligence Web Application Contour BI Portal Now Available in Chinese


Contour Components is pleased to announce the newest version of the Contour BI Portal: a Business Intelligence server for the publication of interactive multidimensional reports and dashboards on websites in Chinese.

It is now possible for Chinese developers and those working in the vast Chinese market to accelerate their accounting, ERP, CRM and other database driven web applications with a rich analytical functionality.

100 New U.S. Companies to Begin Using Contour BI 6.0

June 6, 16

New York, NY

National Security Solutions, Inc.  and Contour Components, LLC announce the integration of Contour Components’ Business Intelligence platform Contour BI 6 with National Security Solutions’ ERP Financial System.

New Contour BI 6.0 Release Now Available – Managing Thousands of Users


What’s new:

Hierarchical roles

By employing hierarchical roles one can define an org chart and a project hierarchy, grant permissions to units and projects and then assign users to each one.

Correspondingly, users are granted permissions for reports and data in accordance with their occupation and participation in projects, and the security settings for hundreds and even thousands of users are put in place fast allowing for the quick and easy access to results.