Why Contour BI?

Extremely Fast Cube In-Memory

Interact with a large amount of data in a fraction of a second.

Access to Reports from Anywhere

The same reports for all devices – desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Easy to Install

Run installation and follow instructions.

Rapid Creation of Analytical Solutions

Create an analytical portal, reports and dashboards with no coding.


Editions for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, Android and iOS are supported.

Many Data Sources

Virtually all popular datasources are supported: Oracle, MS SQL, PostreSQL, Excel, Access, CSV, IBM SPSS etc.

Contour BI

Contour BI is an easy-to-use platform for interactive reporting, data analysis and report distribution. The Contour BI platform provides access to all corporate data sources, builds interactive reports with zero programming and publishes interactive reports to your local network and the web. Contour BI makes it possible to create a wide range of solutions in various industries.

Contour BI product line

Create Interactive Maps in BI Projects

                		Interactive Maps

Contour BI handles both geographic (locational) and attribute (descriptive) data for the purpose of data mapping, managing and analysis.

A map becomes part of an OLAP report; all interactive manipulation of the OLAP report is immediately displayed on the map. The setup procedure of the map is simplified - data layers appear on it automatically, as configured in OLAP report settings and further user actions.

In this article we create a project with an interactive map to display Air Passenger Traffic and Flights in Canada for the years 2015 and 2016.

Create Presentation reports

                		Create Presentation reports

Use presentation reports to slide show your project reports. You set the number of reports in the required order, run the presentation, and reports are displayed in the correct order, switching from one to another by mouse click. The presentation can be exported in MS PowerPoint format.

In this article we describe the steps to create Presentation reports with Contour Reporter.

Animated Charts: Pretty, Useless, and Not Entirely Safe

                		Animated Charts

Animated charts look modern and alive: the Bars slowly grow from zero to their actual size, and the Pies spin handsomely around on the screen. Why would a customer not find a stimulating chart like this more interesting than your run-of-the-mill static one? Especially when presenting a product for the first time. But at the end of the day, are animated charts really worthwhile data analysis features?